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Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a unique strawberry rum, with a juicy dash of melon. A delicious strawberry rum.

Gorilla Grape

Gorilla Grape is a wonderful mixture of grape, a tang of apple, and a touch of watermelon!

Gummy Juice

Gummy Juice is a gummy bear flavor, with a delicious twist of dragon fruit and mango!

Island Breeze

Island Breeze, a mouthwatering pineapple, with a touch of coconut and sweet banana split!


Mistery is an awesome mixture of your favorite sweet and sour candies; including smurf berries and smarties!

Monster Milk

Monster Milk is a milky combination of blueberry pomegranate, ripe strawberries and a hint of sour melon.

Nana's Berries

30 ml bottle

Whacky Sunrise

Whacky Sunrise is a yummy skittles with bubblegum flavor. The perfect taste!

Zack's Potion

Zack's Potion is an uplifting Monster taste, with smurfberry and blueberry pomegranate flavoring!


Boardwalk is a bubblegum, fruity blackberry and a luscious apple flavor!

French Toast

A invigorating french toast breakfast.


Riptor is a hint of mint with a watermelon base!